Hello friends, Merry Christmas Wishes coming soon on 25 December 2021. how are celebrating “Merry Christmas Wishes” The author and composer of Merry Christmas Wishes cannot be traced, however, it is believed to date back to English in the sixteenth century. The tradition of carollers being giving Christmas treats for singing to wealthy members of the community is reflected in this Christmas song-Merry Christmas Wishes!

Over the years the fashion for fuggy puddings mentioned in we wishes you a merry Christmas has faded. But for the curious, the recipe consisted of the most important ingredient which was of course figs together with butter, sugar, eggs, milk, rum, apple, lemon and orange peel, nuts, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger not dissimilar to the modern-day Christmas puddings!
I give you the full story of Merry Christmas and Santa Claus. how to wishes merry Christmas and who is Santa Claus? so read the full story of Merry Christmas and know about this.


A Long time ago, near about 2000 years, when King of Israel, God sent the angel Gabriel to a young woman who lived in the northern area of Nazareth. The girl’s name was MERRY and she was engaged to marry Joseph.

The angel Gabriel said to Mary: ‘Peace be with you! God has blessed you and is pleased with you.’ Mary was very surprised by this and wondered what the angel meant. The angel said to her ‘Don’t be afraid, God has been very kind to you. You will become pregnant by the Holy Spirit and give birth to a baby boy and you will call him Jesus. He will be God’s own Son and his kingdom will never end.’ Mary was very afraid but she trusted God. ‘Let it become as God chooses.’ she replied to the angel. Gabriel also told Mary that her cousin, Elizabeth who everybody thought was too old to have children, would have a baby boy whom God had selected to made the way for Jesus.
Mary said goodbye to her family and friends and went to visit her cousin Elizabeth and her husband Zechariah. Elizabeth was in good spirits to see Mary. She knew that Mary had been chosen by God to be the mother of his Son. An angel had already told Zechariah that Elizabeth’s baby would prepare people to welcome Jesus. He was to be called John. Mary stayed with Elizabeth for about three months and then returned home.

Joseph was worried when he found out that Mary was expecting a baby before their marriage had taken place. He wondered if he should put off the wedding altogether. Then an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and said: ‘Don’t be fearful to have Mary as your wife.’ The angle defined that Mary had been chosen by God to be the mother of his Son and told Joseph that the baby would be named Jesus which means ‘lifesaver’ because he would save people. When Joseph wakes up, he did what the angel had told him to do and took Mary as his wife.

At this time, the land where Mary and Joseph lived was part of the Roman Empire. The Roman Emperor Augustus required to have a list of all the people in the empire, to make sure they paid their taxes. He ordered everybody to return to the town where their families originally came from, and enter their names on this page. Mary and Joseph traveled a long way (approximately 70 miles) from Nazareth to Bethlehem, because that is where Joseph’s family came from. Most people walked but some lucky people had a donkey to help carry the goods needed for the journey. Joseph and Mary traveled very slowly because Mary’s baby was due to be born soon.

When they reached Bethlehem they had problems finding somewhere to stay. So many people had come to register their names in the list of the census, that every house was full and every bed was taken in all of the guest rooms. The only place to stay that they could find was with the animals. People often kept animals in the house, especially at night, and used them like ‘central heating’! People normally slept on a raised level with the animals below to give them extra warmth.
“So in the place where the animals slept, Mary gave birth to Jesus, the Son of God.”
 In those days it was the custom to wrap newborn babies tightly in a long cloth called ‘swaddling clothes’. Jesus’ bed was the manger that the animals ate their hay.
  In the hills and fields outside Bethlehem, shepherds looked after their sheep through the long night. As the new day began, suddenly an angel appeared before them and the majesty of God shone around them. The shepherds were very, very scared, but the angel said, ‘Don’t be afraid. I have good news for you and everyone. Today in Bethlehem a Saviour has been born for you. You will find the baby lying in a manger.
Then many more angels appeared in the sky, lighting up the sky. The shepherds heard them praising God singing: ‘Glory to God in highest, and peace to everyone on earth.’ When the angels had gone the shepherds said to one another, ‘Let’s go to Bethlehem to see what has happened.’ So the shepherds went to Bethlehem and found Mary and Joseph. The baby Jesus was lying in a manger as they had been told. When they saw him, they told everyone what the angel had said and everyone who heard the story was astonished. Then the shepherds returned to their sheep, praising God for sending his Son to be their Saviour.
 When Jesus was born, a brand new bright star appeared in the sky. Some Wise Men in faraway countries saw the star and guessed what it meant. They were very apt men that studied the stars and had read in very old writings that a new star would appear when a great king Jesus was born. They set out to find the new king and bring him gifts.

The Wise Men followed the star towards the country of Judea and when they got to the capital called Jerusalem they began to ask people: ‘Where is the child who is born to be king of the Jew?’ Herod, the king of Judea, heard this and it made him very angry to think that someone might be going to take his place as king. Herod sent for the Wise Men to come to him. He told them to go on following the star until they had found the baby king. He said: ‘When you have found him, let me know where he is so that I can go and worship him.’. But Herod did not tell them that he really had an evil plan in mind to kill the new king.

The Wise Men followed the star towards Bethlehem. It seemed to stop and shine directly down upon the place where Jesus was.
The Wise Men entered the house where they now lived and found Jesus with Mary, they bowed down and worshipped him. The Wise Men spread the gifts they had brought before Jesus.
The gifts were gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The Wise Men were warned in a dream, by God, not to go back to Herod. So they returned home to their countries in the East in a different way.
 When the Wise Men had gone, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream. ‘Get up,’ the angel said, ‘take Jesus and Mary and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for Jesus to kill him.’ So Joseph got up, took Jesus and Mary during the night they left for Egypt, where he stayed until Herod died.
When Herod realized that he had been tricked by the Wise Men, he was furious and he gave orders to kill all the boys aged two or younger in Bethlehem and the surrounding area. This was to try and kill the new King, as his plan to find the location of the new king from the Wise Men had failed.
After Herod had died, Joseph had another dream in which an angel appeared to him. The angel said, ‘Get up, take Jesus and Mary and go back to Israel, for those who were trying to kill Jesus are dead.’
 So Joseph got up, took Jesus and Mary and they went back to Israel. But when he heard that Herod’s son was now king of Judea, he was afraid to go there. So instead they went to Galilee and lived in their old town of Nazareth.


“These are my wishes for you” (my dear friends)

Hello, dear friends “Merry Christmas Wishes” to your family. this the season to wish one another joy and love and peace. Merry Christmas our dear friends, may you feel the love this special day. May this mary Christmas proves to be. merrier than the last one. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Wishing you and your loved ones. health peace and prosperity on this Christmas. Merry X-Mas Christmas brings along love and warmth in the house. May you be fulfilled with the best of both! Merry Christmas. may you feel the love this special day?

Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25  as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.
If someone wishes you ‘Merry Christmas’, it’s a reasonable assumption that they are Christian, or that they do at least recognize and celebrate the Christmas holiday, so it’s fine to respond with ‘you too’, or more properly, “Merry Christmas to you too!”


The Man Behind the Story of Father “Christmas” or “Santa Claus”. St. Nicholas was a Bishop who lived in the fourth century in a place called Myra in Asia Minor (now called Turkey). “Santa Clause” was a very rich man because his parents died when he was young and left him a lot of money.
   In 1881, political cartoonist Thomas Nast drew on Moore’s poem to create the first likeness that matches our modern image of “Santa Claus”. His cartoon, which appeared in Harper’s Weekly, depicted Santa as a rotund, cheerful man with a full, white beard, holding a sack laden with toys for lucky children.
Born in Patara, a land that is part of present-day Turkey, circa 280, St. Nicholas was a Christian bishop who helped the needy. After his death, the legend of his gift-giving grew. St. Nicholas transformed into the legendary character called “Santa Claus”, who brings “Christmas” presents to children around the world.
      Prior to Nast’s work, Santa’s outfit was tan in color, and it was he that changed it to read, although he also drew Santa clause in a green suit. This change is often mistakenly attributed to the work of Haddon Sundblom, who drew images of Santa in advertising for the Coca-Cola Company since 1931. As mentioned above, the early use of red at Christmas were the apples on the paradise tree. They represented the fall of Adam in the plays. Red is also the color of Holly berries, which is said to represent the blood of Jesus when he died on the cross. Red is also the color of the Bishop’s robes.
Moore’s description of St. Nick led to an image of a warm, friendly, pleasantly plump, and human “Santa clause”. And even though it’s often said that “Santa clause” wears a red coat because red is the color of Coca-Cola, “Santa Clause” appeared in a red coat before Sundblom painted him.
 The legend of “Santa Claus” can be traced back hundreds of years to a monk named St. Nicholas. It is believed that Nicholas was born sometime around 280 A.D. in Patara, near Myra in modern-day Turkey. Much admired for his piety and kindness, St. Nicholas became the subject of many legends.
The “Santa Claus” that we know lives in the North Pole. According to some North American sources, his original name was Kris Kringle before he changed his name to “Santa Claus”. Kris Kringle was a toymaker who married Jessica. Other names found for Mrs. Claus are Mary Christmas, Gertrude, and Carol.
 Santa Claus is a combination of various facts and created mythology. According to the facts that point to Saint Nicholas of Myra, his acknowledged birthday as listed on books is March 15, 270.
The modern portrayal of “Santa Claus” frequently depicts him listening to children’s Christmas wishes.”Santa Claus”, also known as Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, or simply Santa, is a legendary figure originating in Western Christian culture who is said to bring gifts to the homes of well-behaved (“good” or “nice”) children on Christmas Eve (24 December) and the early morning hours of Christmas Day (25 December).


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